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The Social Compact

The Social Compact - A Relationship Framework Between the ACT Government and Community Sector (pdf)

The Social Compact is a statement of understanding about the relationship between the ACT Government and the community sector. It outlines principles of good communication and partnership for the benefit of all people and communities in the ACT. The Social Compact is a living document, maintaining relevance as relationships develop and evolve, and able to adapt to changing environments. It describes both the network of relationships across the ACT Government and the local community, as represented by special interest groups and communities, and the direct relationship between the Government and the ACT community sector.

The Social Compact is intended to promote mutual understanding and guide community sector and Government representatives to adopt processes and behaviours that value the role, contribution and expertise of both the Government and community sector.

The relationship between the two sectors is significant because they share many goals and values and are interdependent in many roles and functions. The community sector and Government cannot achieve their individual goals without constructive relations built on mutual understanding, respect and cooperation. Despite their distinct roles and accountabilities, there is a strong interface between the community sector and Government.