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ACT Human Rights Commission

ACT Human Rights Commission

The ACT Human Rights Commission’s role is to resolve complaints and promote rights. They:

  • provide an independent, fair and accessible process for resolving individual complaints
  • promote service improvement
  • promote the human rights and welfare of people
  • improve understanding of the laws that we work with

The ACT Human Rights Commission includes the following statutory office holders:

ACT Community Sector Reform Program

ACT Community Sector Reform Program - ACT Community Services Directorate

The ACT Government Community Sector Reform Program aims to support the community sector to respond to these changes. It is funded by the co-contribution levy, a pooled resource that was first announced in July 2012 and extended for a further two years in July 2015, and from financial and other resources provided by the ACT Government.

Components of the Program include:

Financial Literacy for Community Board Members

Financial Literacy for Community Board Members - Westpac

You don’t need to be an accountant to understand the finer points of an organisation’s accounting. Your job is not to produce these reports but to examine and assess this material once it is provided to you. You have to understand how it’s been put together, you have to know what the jargon means, and you have to know the implications of what’s in front of you.